Combining art with design, the Creative Woodsmith uses furniture as a canvas, producing unique items with their own narrative. These pieces use different techniques, particular and relevant to each item’s story, to create a real focal point.

This piece, ‘A Day in the Life,’ is an entrance bench made with Scottish sycamore and elm.

Using pyrography and watercolours in combination, the images follow a day in the life of a treasured family pet. On the left hand side the dog’s day starts as he emerges from his blanket with a good stretch. The lower drawer on the front depicts one of his favourite river walks – this image works with the beautiful grain of the elm to accentuate, rather than dominate it. The right side leads finally to a well-earned sleep.

‘The Kissing Cabinet’ takes its inspiration from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The original concept was around a ‘day and night’ style drinks cabinet which is decorative in its own right when not in use, with a scene of two people raising their glasses.

Although drawing inspiration from Romeo and Juliet, the faces themselves are purposefully designed to be androgynous. The line from the play, “Let lips do what hands do” appears as an instruction of how the cabinet can be opened – by sliding one face across to meet the other: the lips kiss, or ‘pray’, as in Romeo’s words. The central panel also slides open to reveal a third, glided compartment for that special bottle.