Skipper The Workshop Dog

Every workshop needs a dog! Skipper’s transition from home hound to workshop companion hasn’t been easy. 10 months ago he’d bark for constant cuddles from anyone who walked past and would ruthlessly destroy anything which entered ‘the puppy zone’. He’d chew any wooden morsel which fell from the bench and cry out when left for more than…. oooh…. 30 seconds.

A careful routine of daily walks in the tranquil woods and fields around the workshop, treats galore, cuddles and the odd day out with his doggy pals has transformed Skip into a happy, settled and mostly sleepy cabinetmaker’s apprentice.

These days, this gentle giant of a pooch can be found sleeping peacefully on his workshop bed, enjoying tummy rubs from kind passing humans or munching on his favourite treats. Of course he still sometimes chews the face off an unlucky soft toy, or mysteriously ends up with a nose covered in gold leaf or sawdust but what’s life without a bit of mischief?

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